Returning to India

An idea is brewing, to once again fly to India, and ride back to the UK, perhaps this time accompanied.


Au revoir France

Early morning hours spent waiting for any form of transport are especially hellish, and there’s yet four more to be had here in Calais before the ferry leaves. Time to sing the praises of a 14 year old Mk IV VW Golf, reflect upon a great road trip and… … wonder where next. Namaste

Up river

We’ve been dawdling. The great French rivers drawing us like sirens aided by Theo’s insatiable appetite for fishing. Three days before our ferry to England and we’re barely North of Bordeaux: less than 100 miles in 3 days, but there’s no rush, the countryside’s sublime. Max is reading Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. A story of a river subverting and…

Vive la difference

Our last night in Spain saw a hasty retreat, when at 3am an idyllic river bed turned into hurricane alley, sandblasting us back into the car, bleary eyed and wondering how desert folk managed before wet-wipes. Spain has been delightful and an opportunity for my son Max to speak Spanish, but it’s France that speaks to me. The first 10km…

River camp

From Leyre we looked for a mountain idyll and found one at Panticosa: Winter ski resort , Summer ghost town. For a couple of days we read, swam and savoured the tranquility. The river was fast flowing and chilly, but nevertheless the boys spent hours wading upstream. Surrounded by nature, it was easy to relax, before hitting the road again and heading North.…